Universite de Strasbourg
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Universite de Strasbourg

4 Rue Blaise Pascal, Strasbourg 67081 France

The University of Strasbourg (FrenchUniversité de StrasbourgUnistra) is a public research university located in StrasbourgFrance, with over 52,000 students and 3,300 researchers. Founded in the 16th century by Jean Sturm, it was an intellectual hotbed during the Age of Enlightenment.

The old university was split into three separate entities during the 1970s, before they merged back together in 2009. The University of Strasbourg is currently composed of 35 academic faculties, schools and institutes, plus 71 research laboratories spread over six campuses, including the historic site in the Neustadt.

Throughout its existence, Unistra alumni, faculty, or researchers have included 18 Nobel laureates, one Fields Medalist and a wide range of notable individuals in their respective fields. Among them are Goethe, statesman Robert Schuman, historian Marc Bloch and several chemists such as Louis Pasteur.