Study in Netherlands

Netherlands, hosting students from 160+ countries, offers a vibrant international culture. Dutch universities blend student-centric education with industry relevance, creating a dynamic learning ecosystem. Join a global community in pursuit of excellence!


Elevate Your Education in the Netherlands:

Choose Dutch universities for cutting-edge courses and global infrastructure standards. Thrive academically in a collaborative environment, emphasizing teamwork with Dutch and international peers. Gain practical skills for real-world success through an education system fostering analytical and problem-solving abilities. Leverage industry partnerships for valuable internship opportunities aligned with your domain. The Netherlands: where academic excellence meets professional readiness.


 Quick Facts:

A. 9 universities among top 200 in the world (QS World Rankings 2023)
B. Multicultural country -One in every 10 university students is an international student
C. Post Study Work Visa up to 1 Year
D. Amsterdam, the capital city, is among the best student cities worldwide
E. Over 2000 English taught programs to choose from
F. Economical cost of education and living expenses
G. One of the safest countries in the world (2018 Global Peace Index)
H. Netherlands offers excellent career opportunities to international student


Unlocking Opportunities in the Netherlands: Careers & Industry Insights:

Netherlands boasts one of Europe's most competitive economies, ranking as the world's 18th largest. Key sectors driving this economic prowess include Agriculture & Food, Clean Energy & Environment Technology, Creative & High Tech Industries, Logistics, and Water Industries. Explore dynamic career paths in the Energy Sector, Water Resource Management, Aerospace & Mechanical Sector, Information & Communications Technology, and Banking & Finance.

This vibrant nation hosts global giants like Philips, Heineken, KLM, Shell, ING, and Unilever. Notably, it houses European headquarters for MNCs like Sony, Sara Lee, and Microsoft. According to the Better Life Index, the Netherlands excels in work-life balance, jobs & earnings, housing, education & skills, and environmental quality & health status. Elevate your career amid the thriving landscapes of the Dutch economy.


Types of Expenses Annual Expenses in €
Tuition Fees for one-year (Indicative) 11000
Living and Accommodation (Indicative) 11500
Airfare to Netherlands (Indicative) 570
Visa Fees 172
Total Expenses 23242
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