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Admission Open For 2023-2024 Intake

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Admission Open For 2023-2024 Intake

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Vidyaxcel: Study Overseas Consultancy In India

Choosing the right university for studying overseas is a crucial decision for international students, and seeking guidance from a study abroad consultancy can be beneficial.

Vidyaxcel specializes in providing assistance and support to students who wish to pursue their education in foreign countries. They offer valuable insights, information, and guidance throughout the application and admission process.

Popular University

200+ Student Admitted

Are you ready to embark on an educational journey that transcends borders? At Vidyaxcel, we offer you the multi-country advantage, where the world becomes your campus. Explore new horizons, embrace diverse cultures, and unlock a world of opportunities through our unique approach to global education

6+ Offices across India

Are you looking for a dynamic and rewarding career in the education sector? Look no further! VIDYAXCEL is the fastest growing brand in West Bengal(Kolkata / Behrampore / Siliguri), Delhi, Bihar and Maharashtra

10 Years Of Industry Presence

When it comes to guiding you towards success, experience matters. With over two decades of industry expertise, we at Vidyaxcel have honed our skills and knowledge to provide you with the best possible solutions.

Student Stories


Vidyaxcel Overseas is really a good consultant of India from the past few years. There are many students in India who want to go abroad to pursue their dreams and higher studies, but all don't get the proper guidelines, but Vidyaxcel Overseas is there to help them living their dreams in a better and economical way. Thank You Vidyaxcel Overseas Consultancy for helping me living my dreams.

Rajat Agrawal


As a student seeking guidance for studying abroad, I had the privilege of working with an exceptional study abroad consultant company that provided top-notch service and exceeded my expectations. In this review, I would like to highlight the remarkable experience I had with Vidyaxcel Overseas Consultancy , showcasing their unmatched service in assisting students with their study abroad aspirations.

Khusal Sarkar


One of the best consultancy in Kolkata who supported me in every aspects for my Germany process. Very reliable and quick in their process. Thank you for all the support Mr. Arup Ghoshal Founder of Vidyaxcel Overseas Consultancy. You guys are best !!

Devanshi Parikh


I wasted my 2 to 3 months searching for perfect consultancy agent, then my friend recommmend me Vidyaxcel Overseas as he did his consultancy over here and got Visa.## Then after coming here, I found that this is the perfect option for processing my file. And then i met Arup Sir there. He guided me each and every step then after that we applied for Visa and I got it within 10 days. I would highly recommend Vidyaxcel Overseas Consultancy to other students who want to go to further for studies.

Monika Gabani


I chose Vidyaxcel Overseas Kolkata because this is a trusted branch and they helped me a lot from starting till the application process and finishing smoothly in granting the visa. I was very happy and whole process went very smoothly and it was very convenient for me. I did not have any tension nor any trouble because of them. My visa was also granted in just a single day because of them. They helped me a lot.

Mithilesh Pakala


Thank you so much for all your support and assistance in providing me with such a great opportunity. My experience with Vidyaxcel Overseas has been great, everything happened very smoothly and most of all in a timely fashion. I really appreciate your help. Good Luck!

Swapneil Anand Talukdar


Vidyaxcel Overseas is an outstanding agency that I had the pleasure of working with. Whether it was applying to universities or obtaining a visa, their staff provided me with tremendous support at every stage. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my counselor, Mr. Arup Ghoshal, for his guidance and unwavering assistance throughout the entire process. Whenever I had any doubts or questions, Mr. Ghoshal was readily available to help.

Abinash Chakraborty


Vidyaxcel Overseas is a wonderful agency and I had an excellent experience with them. Be it applying to the university or for the visa, the staff there helped me immensely in every step thoroughly. I would like to specially thank my counsellor for the expert guidance. He was of great help whenever I had doubts regarding any of the processes and was someone I could call on anytime. I would gladly recommend the Vidyaxcel Overseas l!

Anjali Kakkassery


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the entire team at Vidyaxcel Overseas for providing me with a wonderful experience. From the initial course selection to the documentation process, they guided me every step of the way and provided me with all the necessary information. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Vidyaxcel Overseas as a reliable and trustworthy consultancy for anyone seeking assistance with their overseas education plans.

Rajanikant Patel


I had a remarkably smooth experience with Vidyaxcel Overseas, and I want to express my gratitude to the counselor who assisted me throughout the application process. The counselor was exceptionally polite and guided me in a straightforward and easily understandable manner. Without hesitation, I will recommend Vidyaxcel Overseas to my friends who are considering studying abroad. Their professionalism, promptness, and commitment to assisting students are commendable.

Manjot Singh

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