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Choosing career between Computer science and Management information system

Students often get confused between MIS and Computer Science. Though they differ greatly, there is one common aim between CS and MIS which is to work in and around technology and make people's lives slightly easier. There is a great scope for CS and MIS, these are some of the top courses opted for by both domestic and international students at large.

There is a close relationship between MIS and Computer Science, as both the courses are related to technology and this makes it difficult for a student to pick one out of these two options. While Computer Science has mostly to do with computation and developing and testing software, MIS is mainly related to developing technology which brings about a change in the lives of people.

Around 280 universities offer MS in Computer Science and over 140 universities offer MIS courses in the world. Students stuck between making a choice between Computer Science and MIS courses to study abroad can go through this article and understand the core difference between MIS and Computer Science. 

Computer Science

Computer science is a broad discipline concerned with digital technology and the systems governing it. It encompasses numerous sub-disciplines related to software, hardware, theory and digital technology applications. Because this discipline has so many branches, it is tough to sum up what computer science professionals do in just a few sentences. Some people who study computer science become computer research scientists. Many more become software engineers, artificial intelligence specialists, block chain engineers, cyber-security specialists, cloud engineers or systems analysts. 

Computer science jobs tend to be highly technical. While the business applications of computer science are myriad, a divide exists between tech-focused teams and the teams that apply technology to business challenges. That’s why some Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) programs cover technology management and the business applications of technology. Still, most computer science master’s curricula focus on practical computer science skills.

  • Computer science is a more competitive domain as compared to MIS making your prospects of securing admission into top schools very marginal. For instance, University X may be an ambitious choice for CS but quite achievable for MIS.
  • Computer science is a highly in-demand profession, thus commanding more jobs and salaries as compared to MIS.
  • If coding is your passion, then computer science is the right direction for you.
  • With a couple of years of experience, a CS student always has the flexibility to move to make a career switch to an MIS role.


Popular job roles for Computer Science graduates

  • Software Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Expert
  • Coder
  • Computer Engineer


Management Information System

MIS is also known as Computer Information Systems. An MIS degree is more application-oriented and focuses on solution delivery and implementation as compared to Computer Science. MIS graduates also learn to program, however, they are more concerned with designing a database system that is built as per the needs of the business.

MIS majors often take business and accounting courses in order to know how a business runs. They apply all their knowledge effectively to help businesses grow. MIS graduates learn database management, web development, business analytics, and programming.

  • MIS is a relatively less competitive domain, making it easier for you to secure admission to the top schools for MIS.
  • MIS graduates, however, may have the disadvantage of fewer job prospects and less professional salary packages compared to CS graduates.
  • If you are not skilled in coding, then MIS is a viable choice for you. You can opt to pursue your career in the IT domain, as the IT field does provide comparatively more job prospects.
  • With an academic background in MIS, it is not easy to switch to a CS-related job role. You may be eligible only if you have done a technically intensive MIS course and have opted for software engineering-related roles.


Popular job roles for MIS graduates

  • Business Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Technology Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • IT Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer


Difference between Computer Science and Management Information Systems (MIS)

To understand the difference between MIS and Computer Science, let us have a look at the visual comparison between the two provided below.


  • Focus

Computer Science (CS) - Computer Science as a course is technology-driven.

Management Information Systems (MIS) - MIS tends to focus more on business application.

  • Core Skill Development

Computer Science (CS) -Computer Science graduates study courses that are focused on technology.

Management Information Systems (MIS) -MIS students study the courses which help them solve business problems.

  • Objectives

 Computer Science (CS) - CS graduates are the ones who create technology better.

Management Information Systems (MIS) -MIS professionals use technology to grow businesses.

  • Course Structure

Computer Science (CS) -Computer Science deals with coding and math.

Management Information Systems (MIS) - MIS is all about solving business needs using coding and IT.

  • Implementation

Computer Science (CS) - CS graduates focus on building systems

Management Information Systems (MIS) -MIS graduates look after solutions and implementation.

  • Task

Computer Science (CS) -CS prepares students for Engineering and software roles.

Management Information Systems (MIS) -MIS prepares students for business and industry.

  • Core Learning

Computer Science (CS) -CS graduates learn operating systems, database systems, and program languages.

Management Information Systems (MIS) - MIS graduates learn business development and accounting.

 MS in MIS leads one to a managerial position. Although, one has to start with entry-level positions. MIS program prepares you for business and industry, whereas, an MS in CS will lead you to be a Software Engineer. With an MIS degree, you are focused on the business side of information and management in order to maximize the profit of the organization. Also, you are responsible for designing the systems architecture to run the business and implementing strategies framed by the business.

To conclude, your decision to study MS abroad for CS or MIS, in addition to your course preference, would depend on your weightage to university brand name, making MIS your viable option, or to jobs and salary, making CS your preferred pathway.

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