International Education Counselling

Unlock Your Global Education Journey with VIDYAXCEL's FREE Counseling Sessions:

At VIDYAXCEL, we understand that choosing a career and pursuing education abroad are monumental decisions. That's why we offer FREE counseling sessions to assist you in making these life-altering choices.

Overseas education institutions provide a vast array of courses that can significantly enhance your educational profile and set you on a path to personal and professional growth. Worldwide, there are diverse vocational choices, ranging from medicine, engineering, marine sciences, mass communication, business studies, data sciences, design, and more. With numerous countries to consider, this decision can become overwhelming and time-consuming.

Our dedicated team of VIDYAXCEL counselors is trained to assess your potential, identify opportunities, and help you turn your educational vision into reality.

At VIDYAXCEL, we boast a team of consultants with over two and a half decades of global expertise. These experts have personally visited and evaluated universities across the globe. In addition, we have country specialists with 10 to 15 years of industry experience, ready to work closely with you to select the right university and course that aligns perfectly with your aptitude, passions, and interests.

Our FREE services include:

Personalized academic counseling
Shortlisting preferred study destinations, including the USA, UK, Australia, Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, and more
Identifying and selecting universities and colleges
Eligibility review
Application assistance
Statement of purpose and resume guidance and editing
Registration and preparation for standardized tests
Registration and preparation for English as a foreign language
Providing scholarship and bank loan information
Assistance with admission and enrollment formalities
Visa application assistance and documentation check
Assistance with health insurance
International banking and Forex assistance
Flights and ticketing assistance
Pre-Departure services
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