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Best PGDM Courses in Canada for Indian Students

A career-focused education that offers practical experience in a particular profession is the best PGDM courses in Canada. In Canada, community colleges and SPP institutions typically offer this condensed form of a postgraduate degree. Due to the low cost and condensed course length, best PGDM courses in Canada are now very well-liked by foreign students. In Canada's universities, a PG Diploma is a 1-2 year program that gives students the option to combine two one-year courses to specialize in a particular topic. Students must achieve specific set marks (which vary depending on the college) and complete industrial projects as part of the study in order to finish the best PGDM courses in Canada. Studying for a PG certificate in Canada might cost between 7 and 15 lakh INR.  After completing your undergraduate studies, you may enroll in PG Diploma programs in Canada, which can improve your chances of landing well-paying employment there. In recent years, the demand for PGDM programs in Canada has surged, with enrollment rates increasing by over 50%. This growth is driven by the recognition of Canadian PGDMs as a passport to lucrative careers, with graduates earning up to 30% more than their counterparts in India. As the global economy evolves, the need for skilled business leaders is more critical than ever, making Canada an attractive destination for those looking to future-proof their careers.

One common dilemma faced by aspiring professionals in the management field is choosing between MBA and PGDM. Both options are highly regarded, and PGDM, particularly, appeals to students planning to study abroad. This blog will shed light on the scope of PGDM courses in Canada and help decision-making for students easier.

Advantages of Studying PGDM in Canada

  • The work permit one receives after completing a course is one of the main benefits of studying the best PGDM courses in Canada. The length of the work permit is based on how long your course will last.
  • Another advantage is that a post-graduate work permit (PGWP) is accessible in Canada. After acquiring a certificate, diploma, or degree from a designated learning institution (DLI), a PGWP also enables you to reside and work full-time in Canada.
  • The PGDM programmes in Canada provide cutting-edge expertise to boost your profession over time. In Canada, you may choose from a variety of PGDM courses in many subjects.
  • Excellent Employment Possibilities Some of the top businesses in the world, including Tim Hortons, Westjet, the Royal Bank of Canada, Accenture, and Deloitte, are based in Canada.
  • Easy Opportunities for Immigration International students can become citizens of Canada through a variety of routes. After graduating from college, students can apply for permanent residency and get a work visa valid for two years.
  • Best B-Schools World-class colleges and business schools may be found in Canada. International students can choose from a variety of disciplines, and there are employment options available in the nation.
  • Reasonable prices Comparatively speaking, Canadian PGDM courses are less costly than those offered in the US and other nations. PGDM programmes typically cost between 15,000 and 17,000 CAD (8,00,000 INR-9,05,000 INR approx.)
  • Exceptional Work-Life Balance One of the nicest places to live is Canada. The Canadian economy provides a variety of chances and generated 90,2 thousand new employment in August 2021.

Top PGDM Colleges in Canada

Centennial College
Carleton University
Concordia University

Best PGDM Courses to Pursue

Business Management
Healthcare Management
Supply Chain Management

Eligibility Criteria

Undergraduate degree in a relevant field
English proficiency test scores
Work experience (preferred) plus others

Documents Required for Admission

English proficiency scores
CV or Resume and more

Cost of Studying

INR 6L – INR 13L


Centennial College –  INR 60,500
Humber College –  INR 1.5L

Career Opportunities

Digital Marketing Specialist – INR 30L (Annual Salary)
Administrative Assistant – INR 25L (Annual Salary)
Talent Acquisition Specialist – INR 28L (Annual Salary)


Best PGDM Courses in Canada to Study

Numerous management courses are available in best PGDM Courses in Canada colleges. Colleges have different standards and time frames for them. However, the goal of offering top-notch instruction, study, and training remains the same. Some of best PGDM Courses in Canada include:

  • Business Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Project Management
  • International Business Management
  • Information Technology
  • Public Relations
  • Interactive Media Management
  • Digital Communication Management

Now let us have an in-depth look at some of the best PGDM Courses in Canada:

  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - The best PGDM Courses in Canada is in business management. A thorough understanding of the intricate global business environment is provided through the curriculum. To foster critical thinking, PGDM institutions for business management in Canada place a strong emphasis on case studies, in-class debates, and project-based learning. Your leadership and management abilities are improved by the curriculum.
  • HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT - In Canada, a few renowned PGDM schools provide healthcare management. The training combines technical managerial expertise with cutting-edge medical knowledge. The thorough curriculum of this programme teaches students the fundamental abilities needed to run a whole healthcare system. It incorporates subjects like accounting, statistics, analytics, etc. in a setting that respects cultural differences.
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Both a 1-year and a 2-year programme in project management are offered by PGDM institutions in Canada. The abilities needed to advance a project, such as ideation, initiation, planning, execution, control, and closing, are given to the trainees. Students from a variety of backgrounds and businesses, including the public, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors, enroll in project management at best PGDM courses in Canada.
  • HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - In Canada, human resource management is often taught as a one-year PGDM study. However, it is also provided for two years at a few colleges. The curriculum seeks to equip students for careers in human resource management in reputable companies. In order to recruit, choose, and keep the greatest organizational talent, the curriculum blends practical and theoretical teachings to provide graduate-level knowledge and abilities.
  • SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT - The leading PGDM institutions in Canada, like Humber College, Fanshawe College, etc., provide supply chain management programmes. The course provides a firm grounding in business and challenges relating to the global supply chain. Students are taught how to do market research, examine the current market, and create demand projections by scrutinizing the business operations. The graduates are hired for senior managerial roles across several industries.

Cost of Studying PGDM Courses in Canada

The cost of doing PGDM courses at various Canadian institutions varies. The whole cost may be roughly divided into two categories: living expenses and tuition.

  • Tuition Fees - While PGDM degree costs in Canada may vary by school, the SPP colleges, or Canada Community Colleges (referred to as SPP because of its straightforward application procedure), may charge overseas students tuition fees ranging from 15,000 to 17,000 CAD (8,00,000 INR-9,05,000 INR approx.). While non-SPP institutions in Canada primarily provide MBA programs and may charge a little more for degrees, SPP colleges are well renowned for providing these postgraduate diploma programmes. The average cost of these postgraduate diploma programs in Canada may be estimated to be between $25,000 and $28,000 CAD (13,30,000-14,90,000 INR approx).
  • Cost of Living - Depending on your lifestyle and tastes, Canada has a range of living expenses. The projected cost for international students is between 900 and 1500 CAD per month. It includes all luxuries including lodging, food, transportation, office supplies, leisure activities, etc. Given below is a breakdown of the different expenses which are important to consider while calculating the cost of studying and living in Canada for Indian students.

Scholarships to Study PGDM Courses in Canada

International students have access to a variety of scholarships from Canadian colleges and universities based on various criteria. Below are some of the most well-known PGDM scholarships offered in Canada:

  • Conestoga College International - Entrance Excellence Scholarship - Students performing at the maximum level possible. Awards are given to candidates from all countries of origin in accordance with their academic performance in the past (highest academic average). The amount benefitted in this scholarship is 1,500 CAD.
  • Humber College - International Entrance Scholarship - Students in their senior year of high school, college, or university who have outstanding academic qualifications (students with a GPA of 85%+ and 6.5+ IELTS (or similar in TOEFL, Duolingo, senior high school English grade). The amount benefitted in this scholarship is 2,000 CAD.
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship - All foreign students enrolled in Ontario's graduate programmes both full-time and part-time who received a first-class or above on their qualifying examination. The amount benefitted in this scholarship is 15,000 CAD.

Jobs after PGDM in Canada

The individual is exposed to a wide range of employment prospects by having completed a PGDM in Canada. There are several opportunities available for individuals in each of the PGDM streams. The average pay after receiving a graduate degree in Canada might change depending on the position and the employer. Depending on the topic you select, you can work in connected industries and earn well. Based on the industry and job role acquired by a student, a new graduate's salary might range from 25,000 to 50,000 CAD (INR 14,71,464 - INR 29,42,928). Finally, it is up to them to select the appropriate professional route. The best careers in Canada after PGDM are listed below:

  • Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Tax Accounting
  • General Accounting
  • Auditor
  • Data Scientist
  • CISA
  • Professor
  • HR Professional
  • Assistant HR Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Marketing Specialist
  • QA Technician
  • Programmer Analyst


Pursuing PGDM courses in Canada provides you with invaluable preparation for the competitive and job-oriented marketplace. These programmes offer a unique chance to gain industry insights while studying, making it a highly pursued short-term course among international students. You will be exposed to a work and study environment like no other if you choose to study a PGDM course in Canada.

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