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Fanshawe College Program Availability List for May 2024 Intake

College Name Fanshawe College (Public Funded) (Eligible for SDS – Study Direct Stream)

Location & Campuses 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd., London, Ontario (Campuses: London, Simcoe, St. Thomas, London Airport Campus, London South Campus, Woodstock and Toronto Campus)

Application Fees FEES WAIVER

English Requirements 12,500 to 15,000 CAD

About College

IELTS UG (Diploma, Ad. Diploma, Certificate): Score of 6.0 with no skill below 5.5 in one module PG (Postgraduate, Bachelor’s): Score of 6.5 with no skill below 6.0

PTE UG (Diploma, Ad. Diploma, Certificate): Overall Score of 60 PG (Postgraduate, Bachelor’s): Overall Score of 60

TOEFL UG (Diploma, Ad. Diploma, Certificate): Overall Score of 83 PG (Postgraduate, Bachelor’s): Overall Score of 88

About College

→ Public Funded & Govt. College and also covered under SPP Program.

→ Fanshawe is located in London City which is “Beautiful & Safe Multicultural Community”.

→ Fanshawe College - the number one choice for thousands of students each year

→ Fanshawe College has been providing real world career training for more than 40 years as a full services Government of Ontario community college.

→ 40 Co-op (Internship) Programs available, over 2,500 apprentices

→ Excellent services for students with physical or learning needs

→ 22,000 full-time students and 26,000 part-time students annually in Fanshawe College.

→ 116 full-time programs, including graduate and degree programs

→ 3,500 international students from more than 50 countries

→ 160,000 alumni living and working around the world

→ A full range of lifelong learning opportunities through Continuing Education and corporate training services

→ Approximately 88 % of Fanshawe graduates are finding jobs shortly after graduation.

Application Guidelines

• Fresher with good academics (Close to 60 % and above) will have good chance to get admit + Visa

• Gap in studies cannot be more than 1 years for UG and not more than 4 years for Graduates (do not submit fake experience certificate)

• Backlogs in core subjects and number of backlogs in same subject are being viewed with attention. Maximum number of 8 backlogs will be accepted. (For 12 + 4 max. 6 backlogs & for 12+3 max. 4 backlogs accepted)

• Minimum 50 % and above (higher second class) is must, however priority will be given to 60 % and above marks students

• In case of more than 8 backlogs - there should be 60 % in last 2 semester and no backlogs

• Core subject grads should be minimum 60 % and above including Math & English

? For Medical students, marks in Biology, Physics & Chemistry should be close to 60 % or above.

? For Non-Medical students, marks in Math, Physics & Chemistry should be close to 60 % or above.

? For Commerce students, marks in Accounting, Statistics, Business & Economics should be close to 60 % or above

Distance from big City

Distance between Toronto and Fanshawe College is 136 Kms (2 hours, 43 minutes)

Important Remarks

Important Notes: -

  • Offer Letter processing times 3-4 Weeks.
  • 1st Year Tuition fees must be paid before deadline mention in college offer letter.
  • Fly wire details are clearly mentioned in attached separate wire transfer with offer letter.
  • When you are transferring funds through TT/Wire Transfer. Please mention student’s full name, Date of Birth and Student’s College ID.
  • We would not be able to accept the application if the backlogs in graduation are more than the acceptable number i.e. 2 per year
  • We would not be able to accept the application as the student has an academic gap of more than 5 years.
  • Conditional Offer Letters – Conditional offers will be issued only for a pending last semester mark sheet(s) (and/or degree) or a Grade 12th mark sheet. Applications uploaded without the IELTS TRF score card will be REJECTED and not reconsidered
  • Fee Payment: Students will now be required to pay annual fee before applying for their Visas. The deadline to pay fee from the date of offer will be approximately 3 weeks – if students cannot pay full year fee within these 3 weeks they can still pay a non-refundable (unless visa application is refused) amount of CAD 2300 to be counted as a paid student. The balance amount can be paid over another 2 weeks.
  • All Business programs at the post-graduate level now require students to have at least 60% (first class) in their qualifying degree (Entry criteria for other PG programs remains unchanged.
  • College will be evaluating the scores in core subjects in Grade 12 for the UG programs. Candidates must average at least 55% in those (12th Grade with minimum 50% in all core subjects).
  • PTE scores are no longer accepted as proof of English language proficiency for September 2018.

Campus Availability

London Campus

Simcoe Campus

Toronto Campus

London South Campus

St. Thomas Campus

London Downtown Campus

Program Names Availability

Artificial Intelligence/Machine

Business Analysis

Construction Project Management

Health Care Administration Management

Operations Management

Supply Chain Management - Logistics (Co-op)

Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management

Wire Transfer Details / Payment Options

International payment regarding questions?

Contact: 9123672473 / 9831894303




International Student Services

Arrival Guide: -

• Please arrange to arrive in London, Canada (Airport Code YXU) before start date of College.

• You must live in London Canada while you are a student at Fanshawe College. If your program is being run in St Thomas campus, you must stay in St Thomas, Ontario. You cannot live in Toronto or any of its suburbs such as Brampton, Mississauga, or Markham as it is not possible to commute on a daily basis especially during winters.

• Services for international students arriving in London, Ontario.

→ Free pick up from Toronto Airport

→ Free pick up from London Airport, Bus Terminals and Railway station

→ Free stay for up to three nights to help you settle in

Accommodation: -

• Housing: Temporary Accommodation

Fanshawe provides a temporary accommodation facility to students free-of-cost for up to Two days. This is booked along with your free Airport Pick up.


Expert Overseas Education Consultants in India

Vidyaxcel +91 91470 52874 / +91 90070 03661

Registered Office A-32 Calcutta Greens Commercial Complex, 1st Floor, Kolkata - 700075

Branch Offices: Berhampore, Delhi, Patna, Aurangabad & Siliguri.