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Posted by : Shreya Bhattacharya

Author Designation : Senior Counselor

Accommodation for international students in the UK

Finding a home far from your home country can be the most difficult and time-consuming part of your plan while moving to any destination apart from your home country. Getting a peaceful, refreshing, and joyous place is something that one always looks out for to make them feel comfortable after the chaos and hectic of entire day studies and work. Students sometimes put the accommodation search on the least priority list and then struggle a lot with the search options and end up finding costlier and more uncomfortable options that are too far from their university campus which in the end increases other costs in their pocket.

What are the types of accommodation in the UK?

The best thing about living and finding accommodation in the UK is the multiple options available based on monetary budget, privacy etc. Based on all these factors, one has these 4 options available for them to stay at:

  1. University hall: 

    This is one of the popular ones yet a little costlier option for international candidates. Based within the university campus or near the campus, students have their private bedrooms but must share a few spaces such as the kitchen or washroom area. These types of places are a great option for students who want to engage with other international candidates, learn and know the campus and make great connections.
  1. Homestays: 

    As clear from their name, these places are preowned by someone, and one must share that property with a family or owner sometime. These are always the best options for international students as they can find someone from their home country and can save a lot of money on their rent as well. Also staying with a local family can help you in becoming familiar with the city and how to live there as a responsible citizen.
  1. Private student halls: 

    These property types are managed by private companies and have better living options with more privacy and sharing options as well. In these properties, one can choose what to share and whom to share with such as the option of private kitchen and washroom areas as well.
  1. Private flats: 

    These are the most famous and common property types among international students. The students who wish to live with all privacy and on their own terms used to choose these property types.

Types of UK Student Accommodation:

Halls of residence-

Owned, managed and maintained by the universities, accommodation for international students at halls of residence is usually guaranteed for first-year applicants. A private room will generally be allotted, while spaces such as a kitchen and lounge area will be shared in an apartment of anything between 4-8 fellow students. All bills, including Wi-Fi, are included in your rent.

Private halls of residence-

Private halls share many of the same characteristics as university owned halls of residence, such as inclusive bills and shared spaces, but they are generally slightly more expensive. Because of the extra expense, though, facilities are often more modern.

Private accommodation-

Renting privately is a popular choice for students once their first year of study is complete. Renting privately is wholly independent, and it is important to understand that you are responsible for all bills and the cleanliness of the property.

Homestay accommodation-

Homestay accommodation is where international students or visitors stay with a UK family in their home. The host family provides a private room for the guest and shares common areas of the home, such as the kitchen and living room. The guest is usually provided with meals by the host family, and in some cases, they may have access to the family's laundry facilities.

What is the average cost of accommodations in the UK?

In the UK, the various locations have different costs of accommodations and living depending upon the property type. For example, London being the most expensive place has average property costs ranging from £130 - £250 and sometimes maybe more depending on the student requirements and property type, whereas outside London it always going to be on the cheaper side. In the UK, different cities have different costs of accommodation. Few examples for your reference:

 Manchester  15622.03 rupees/per week
 Coventry  33627.41-55695.39 rupees/month
 Brighton (University of Sussex)  58427.62 - 75136.24 rupees/month
 York  7671.25- 25010.38 rupees/weekly
 South Kensington (Imperial College of London)  91634.69 rupees/month


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