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France a top destination for your education and a once in a lifetime experience

France, the most popular tourist destination in the world, has become one of the best places for international students to pursue higher education over the last decade. With its world-renowned universities, rich cultural heritage, and global reputation for excellence in science, technology, and the arts, France offers many opportunities for Indian students.

Recent trends show that students are increasingly diversifying their choices regarding study-abroad destinations. According to the la test data from the Indian foreign ministry, there has been a steady growth in Indian students going to France for studies over the last three years. In 2022, over 6,000 study-abroad aspirants chose France.

According to recent research conducted by, a staggering 79% of students opt to study in France due to the high quality of education offered by French educational institutions. This survey revealed that 1,015 global students show a keen interest in studying in France, with 71% recognizing Paris as the most popular city in the country. Furthermore, 40% chose Bordeaux and Marseille. This was followed by Lyon (37%), Strasbourg (31%), and Toulouse (28%) with 37%, 31% and 28% respectively.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

  1. Quality of Education: The primary motivation for choosing France is the exceptional quality of education at French universities, cited by 79% of students.
  2. Career Prospects: 57% of respondents are motivated by the prospect of a career in France after their studies.
  3. Personal Connections: 14% of students also mention personal or family connections to the country.
  4. Part-Time Jobs: To finance their living expenses and tuition fees, most surveyed students expect to work part-time during their studies (66%).
  5. Popular Cities: Besides Paris, other popular cities for international students include Bordeaux (40%), Marseille (40%), Lyon (37%), Strasbourg (31%), and Toulouse (28%).
  6. Post-Graduation Plans: A significant 63% of students plan to stay and work in France after graduation, viewing French universities as a gateway to their future careers.

This data reflects compelling factors of why study in France is a preferred choice for umpteen study abroad aspirants. In addition to all this, some of the top reasons for studying in France were research opportunities, affordability, and personal or family connections in the country. In the global competition for talent, the exceptional qualities of a French education continue to attract smart minds from all corners of the world.

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