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Comparing Costs of Studying in Canada vs. Australia vs UK vs US vs EU in 2024

A lot of youngsters in India plan to study abroad but are unable to pursue their dream due to a lack of funds. With people now settled in their high school, this is the best time to start researching for international universities. For many, the quest begins to explore scholarship opportunities, while others eagerly seek the most budget-friendly study destinations. With aspirations high and financial considerations in mind, the search for an affordable educational journey takes center stage.

For most of the students, studying abroad is an experience for a lifetime. Students find many opportunities after studying in a different country and will be allowed to explore different cultures from their own. Sometimes, students will be confused while selecting a destination to study. The USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and EU are the most popular study destinations for international students. Thousands of international students move to these countries every year to study. 

Choose the right country to Study abroad

The most important factors to consider while planning your budget for education abroad is the preferred country and the cost of living there. This is important because the expenses will come after you outside the college and the costs can increase more than the course fees. Therefore, a planned budget will consider the country's economy, the projected cost of living, the exchange rates, and so on. 

In the recent report released by the government, the number of Indian students studying abroad is given. Some country's data is given. Around 4,65,791 students are studying in the US, 1,00,009 students are in Australia, 1,64,000 students are in the United Arab Emirates, and 55,465 students are in the UK. 

·       Study in USA

For many prestigious universities, the United States has become home because it offers various programs. However, tuition fees, especially at private institutions, can be relatively high. Public universities offer more affordable options for international students from other countries. The cost of living depends on the state you choose; in major cities like New York and San Francisco, the cost of living is more expensive.

·       Study in United Kingdom

The UK has a rich cultural heritage and world-renowned universities. The duration of the programs is shorter, but the tuition fees is comparatively high than in other countries. The cost of living is more in cities like London, so it is very much necessary to plan your budget before going.

·       Study in Australia

Australia is a country that is popular for its quality education system and stunning natural beauty. Tuition fees in this country are competitive. Many universities in Australia offer scholarships for international students. The cost of living is comparatively high, but it depends on your chosen city. Sydney and Melbourne are more expensive than other locations.

·       Study in Canada

Canada is becoming a popular destination for international students day by day. Tuition fees in this country are less compared to the US and UK. The cost of living in Canada is also more reasonable compared to other places. It also offers postgraduate work opportunities for international students.

·       Study in Europe

Germany is popular for its strong education system and low fees in public universities, and also there are no tuition fees for international students. The cost of living is affordable compared to other countries; this is the best option for budget-conscious international students.  

Cost comparison of studying in Canada v/s Australia v/s UK v/s US v/s EU 


Average cost of living/year

Tuition Fees/ year

Accommodation/ month

Living expenses/ month 

Transportation/ year

Student visa fee


$17,000 (£13,000)

£11,400 to £32,08






$10,000 – $18,000

$32,000 to $60,000

$1,500 – $3,100 

10,000$ – 18,000$ 

$90 – $130 



$14,290 – $19,288

$10,060 – $35,730


$14,290 to $19,288




$11,800 – $15,750

$11,800 – $15,750

$350 – $500

$11,800 – $15,750

$30 – $80



€8,400 – €14,400

€ 5,000 – €13,000 

€300 - €800 

€700 - €1,200 

€20 - €100 

€ 60 - €100 

Consider factors like reputation, job opportunities, and your personal preferences when making your decision.

Study In Canada 

Study in Germany.

Study In Australia.

Study in USA

Study in UK


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