University of Trento
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University of Trento

Via Calepina, 14, 38122 Trento TN, Italy

College Description

The University of Trento was founded in 1962 as a Higher University Institute for Social Sciences. It then became the first Faculty of Sociology in Italy. The impact on the city was quite contradictory: the university was seen both as a motivating force for cultural openness and the creation of a new leading class, but also as a fracturing element of protest.

In order to expand the educational opportunities of the University of Trento, in 1972 the Faculty of Science was founded and in 1973 so was the Faculty of Economics. The academic project was expanded in 1984 with the Faculties of Arts and Humanities and Law and in 1985 with the Faculty of Engineering. In 2004 the Faculty of Cognitive Sciences was founded. In 2017 there was the addition of the C3A, Center Agriculture, Food and Environment, with the collaboration of the University of Trento and the Edmund Mach Foundation